Published on : 06 Jul 2020


Le Tremplin, a prestigious platform encouraging innovation dedicated to sports, supported by the Paris Economic Development and Innovation Agency Paris&Co, has selected NeoXperiences among 122 candidate companies to integrate its 6th promotion alongside 13 other startups, the talents of SportTech.

NeoXperiences is revolutionising the sports and entertainment market by contributing to well-being through physical activity, to reconnecting with reality through the sharing of experiences and to education or awareness through gaming. The company, based in Caen, develops immersive and interactive playgrounds to offer sporting, fun and friendly experiences, accessible to all, that give people a taste for physical activity thanks to new technologies.

The health crisis and confinement have led to a sharp decline in sports activities and an awareness of the need to develop new attractive and fun ways of approaching sport. The innovation proposed by NeoXperiences provides a relevant response to the societal issues related to health, well-being and the need to practice regular physical activity.

Boris Courté, founder of NeoXperiences, declares “The entire NeoXperiences team is proud and happy to be part of this 2020 promotion of the Tremplin. We are looking forward to collaborating with major companies, institutions and other startups around a common issue: the development of innovation in the sports sector to meet the major challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Charles Frémont, director of the Tremplin, says “NeoXperiences seduced our jury with an innovative technological solution that encourages and diversifies the practice of sports. The playgrounds developed by NeoXperiences, halfway between sport and video games, allow everyone to renew the sporting experience, regardless of age or level of physical condition. A vision that corresponds to the ambition of the Tremplin: to encourage the development of technological innovations that benefit the world of sport and reinforce its attractiveness.”

NeoXperiences : Créateur d'expériences de jeu interactives, développeur d’aires de jeu immersives révolutionne le marché du divertissement.

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