Published on : 11 Jan 2022

Retailtainment: the trendy phenomenon that combines retail and entertainment

To improve the shopping experience of visitors, to facilitate access to entertainment but also to reinvent and reinvigorate our stores.

Today’s retailers are trying to reinvent themselves and revitalize their spaces to improve the shopping experience for visitors: Retailtainement is a trendy phenomenon that proves it!

Aire de jeu interactive et immersive Neo-One - Centre commercial Place d’Arc à Orléans

Neo-One interactive and immersive playground – Place d’Arc shopping center in Orléans

What is Retailtainment?


This word combines the terms “retail” and “entertainment”.

This marketing concept consists of transforming a shopping center or point of sale into a place of entertainment or leisure.

By implementing a gamification strategy, digital screens and sensorial marketing, commercial establishments can increase the attractiveness of their spaces.



A way to increase visitor loyalty


This trend aims to increase consumers’ interest in a business.

Retailtainment will feed their desire to buy but also to have a unique entertaining experience. And most of the time, these experiences are playful and based on immersion.

Thus, the visitor is no longer a simple customer but an engaged participant in the actions of the store.


It is also a way to make shopping more enjoyable for families. Indeed, more and more retailers are offering entertainment in their galleries to keep children occupied while parents shop.

For example, the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates, has an aquarium, an Olympic ice rink, waterfalls and an incredible view of the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa.

A perfect example of a business that combines business with pleasure!


Moreover, it is also a solution to revitalize vacant spaces and those that are no longer frequented.


Neo-One interactive and immersive playground - Marina Shopping Center Casablanca (Morocco)

Making leisure more accessible


Retailtainment is also a way to facilitate access to leisure. It is no longer necessary to travel miles to have fun with family or friends. Major retailers are giving more and more space to entertainment in their stores.

Various fun and immersive leisure activities can be offered in order to provide visitors with new and more amusing and innovative experiences.

Thus, for the visitors of the shopping center, it is possible to experiment a new leisure with each visit.

Neo-one animation - Grand Quartier shopping center in Rennes

NeoXperiences offers various configurations including a range of attractive, fun and sports activities, which are aimed at all audiences:


Neo-One Arena: an immersive, equipped and turnkey gaming arena.

Neo-One Open Arena: an open arena that adapts to different configurations

Neo-One Solution: to develop and animate empty cells in shopping centers


Neo-One solutions allow you to boost your shopping center’s attendance and offer activities to share with family and friends.


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