Published on : 28 Apr 2022

Edutainment: What is it? 

 Zoom on this new entertainment in the form of media, games, toys and experiences; designed to educate while having fun and to change the way we learn in an innovative way!

Edutainment: What is it? 


This term is based on the words “education” and “entertainment”. Edutainment refers to the process of introducing entertainment and playfulness into a cultural activity or one with an educational and/or teaching dimension.

We often think that education and entertainment do not mix. However, Edutainment proves us wrong by combining these two domains to make learning more fun and therefore more enjoyable!

In what form?


In the classroom, Edutainment takes the form of media, games, toys and experiences that combine fun and learning to motivate students.

Teachers also use “gamification” tools  to create a more fun atmosphere for students. These learning tactics ultimately lead to better educational experiences and better student retention.


Neo-One Educational Games


NeoXperiences uses this same process to make learning easy and fun.

A large catalog of interactive games allows children to develop skills in several areas while having fun: Mathematics, Geography, Foreign cultures, Marine environment, Preservation of the planet…


For example, the Abakus game was designed to make children love mathematics and facilitate their learning. The game tests the players’ ability to concentrate and their mental calculation skills! An opportunity to warm up your neurons while having fun!

Clean the ocean raises awareness among youngsters about the preservation of the oceans and marine animals. By joining forces, players must clean the ocean and care for the animals. Realistic designs and attractive colors make players realize the importance of their mission and the positive impact their intervention can have.

It’s an innovative way to change the way we learn!

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